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Tesla Model S Fleet Reaches One Billion Miles


Tesla Model S

The infamous electric car manufacturer Tesla has announced today that the Tesla Model S fleet has reached a combined overall milage of over 1 billion. No, that is not a misprint, 1 billion miles over the entire Model S fleet which is just under 75,000 units strong. To put this monumental milestone into context, that is the equivalent of 4,000 trips to the moon, or 40,000 times round Earth. It also means that Tesla owners have saved more than half a million tons of CO2 from damaging our planet.

This month is also the first anniversary of the Model S being in the UK. In this year alone British Tesla owners have racked up the equivalent of 265 times round the planet. This isn’t only a testament to Tesla’s and the Model S’ durability and day-to-day usability; but also to electric powered cars as a whole. As this technology becomes all the more prevalent as time goes on, it is important that it is sophisticated enough to become a genuine substitute for petrol and diesel in the future – this is a department that Tesla are right at the forefront of.

Tesla’s vast charging network covers North America, Europe and Asia with 445 supercharger stations alongside thousands more Destination Charging areas, allowing free, long distance driving. This eco-friendly premium saloon isn’t just famed for it’s long distance electric capabilities however, as the Model S became the fastest accelerating four door vehicle available.

Tesla will start this fleet milestone with the launch of the Next Billion Miles Tour which will take place in North American, Europe and Asia, where customers will be given the opportunity to experience the performance of the Model S.

This combination of luxury, speed and some of the most advanced electric car technologies makes the Model S a very important car indeed, and this huge milestone really shows the significance of what Tesla are achieving.