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The Ultimate Car, Built By You!


Now obviously we come into contact with a great many cars. Some good, some bad, and a few ugly ones make their way here too. You see the thing is that no matter how good a car is there is just no such thing as perfect. Even with machines that we give critical acclaim, there will always be one little niggle or something we would change. This is all fine as man has strove for absolute purity in design since the dawn of time and has yet to find it. The biggest obstacle is actually us. We each have our preferences and so a car for you is very often not a car for someone else. But what if we all came together? In a maddening social experiment I turned to twitter to “fictitiously” build the worlds ultimate car.

Over one evening you folks who use Twitter helped me forge the provenience of this vehicle. It is to be of British design, refined by the Germans, styled by the Italians, named by the Americans, built by the Japanese, and priced by the Chinese. With each nation playing to their strengths, every role would be executed to the best of human ability.

So down to the meaty bits. After some discussion it was clear that the world/a collection of people on Twitter wants a performance machine, but not just one that is all about going fast. This will have to be involving and as a result the driver will have to work a little for those rewarding moments. Rear wheel drive and a front engine layout was the clear choice of many. Engine selection came down to a long-legged V12 or a deep bellowing V8. In the end the V8 won out and sits in front of the two seater cockpit.

The cars appearance must be both elegant when stationary but functional at speed. Classic looks inspired by the Jaguar E-Type would encase a high-tech world of gadgets and gizmos. However, this machines crowning glory will be found inside the area designated for passengers. On the dashboard would be a red cap that when flicked upwards reveals a button simply marked “off.” Hitting this puts the driver back in charge of everything. No traction control, no ABS, no stability management. Just the man and the machine, not to mention that tingly sensation in the pit of your stomach.

So, there you go automotive world. That is what we want and we want it now! (excuse the rather crude sketches above, I’m no arts student.)