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Toyota GT86 sets Drifting Record


GT86 drift recordAs we have already seen today from the mightily impressive BMW Driftmob, kicking a car out sideways is not only spectacular but also very satisfying. One of the foremost creators of drifting, Kunimitsu Takahashi formulated many drifting techniques during the 1970’s and from that point on the craze of driving sideways with a plume of smoke for a backdrop spread globally. As Takahashi is Japanese he might be pleased to know that the record for drifting once again belongs to a Japanese car. Toyota GT86 sets drifting record.

The previous record for drifting was held by a BMW M5 which got all tail-happy for total of 51.3 miles. This Toyota GT86 absolutely smashes the previous standard set last year with a continuous drift totalling 89.55 miles. 89.55 miles!!! That is pretty much the distance from Bournemouth on the South cost of England to London! Astonishing footage from the record that took place in Turkey shows the GT86 impressing the crowd whilst burning through its tyres. It took the driver 612 laps and total time of 2 hours 25 minutes and 18 seconds.

We have tested the drift-acular Toyota GT86 and its sister car, the Subaru BRZ, and found them both to be a riot.

See the video of the record below.