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The Unluckiest Van


VanThe humble van. It might not look like much but these warriors of our roads are absolutely crucial to businesses. The shops you love, both big and small, will all use a van at some point during the day to transport goods. Without them, local businesses in particular, would be sent into the dark ages fetching and carrying stock in small quantities. With the van being such a key ingredient it is very important to make sure that you have the right van insurance. That way, if the worst was to happen, you have a safety net to fall back on. 

In an amusing little video produced by the insurance company AXA, we witness a day in the life of the unluckiest van. Providing cover for branded or neutral vans, the statistics show why insurance is a very good idea.

Did you know that van drivers are 142% more likely to crash reversing than other drivers? Accidents happen and with van drivers using unloading bays, sometimes in tricky to reach spots, this isn’t quite so surprising. The number of vans on Britain’s roads is growing 2.5 times faster than cars, but their owners also have to battle with thefts of, not just valuable stock, but also catalytic converters. In the past 3 years stollen catalytic converter crime has doubled. However, one of the most worrying facts is that van drivers are the prime target for “crash for cash” fraudsters. For those who don’t know, “crash for cash” is a fraudulent technique used by someone who deliberately causes an accident but then claims that it is your fault.

Vans are a vital part of a businesses supply chain, an important component that is wise to protect.

Video produced by AXA Business Insurance