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Winter Wonderland? Make Sure Your Car Is Ready.


Mazda MX-5 winterAs Dean Martin once said “the weather outside is frightful” and as we plummet into the depths of winter conditions outside can be challenging. Despite temperatures being in negative figures and snow primed to fall, life goes on. We all still need to get to work or travel to locations. Is your car ready for winter? A few simple things can make life much easier whilst commuting.

Firstly it is key to make sure your car is in working order. Those little faults that you don’t get round to fixing could result in a breakdown at some point. Don’t risk it being at a time of year when the weather can lead to longer recovery times or even an accident. Vehicle health checks are a perfect way to make sure your car is primed for whatever may lay ahead.

Tyres are very important to a car at any time of year, but none more so than when the roads offer less grip than usual. Ensure your tyres have a good level of tread depth as those four rather understated black bits on a car go a long way to stop you in an emergency. Also if your car is using summer tyres consider changing to all-year or winter tyres as the tread pattern may not be suitable for wet or icy conditions.

Finally, carry the essentials! Deicer can be a life saver in treacherous conditions, visibility is key. Always have an ice scraper in the car to clear the windscreen before setting off. Taking a mobile phone with you is a sensible precaution allowing you to contact help if it is needed.

Keeping these things in mind will not only make sure your car is in good condition, but also keep you safe. Drive carefully over the coming weeks.