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2012 BMW M5 Concept Leaked


The BMW 5 Series is quite an experience from any generation. The luxury saloon can turn heads but also wrench necks thanks to performance by the bucket load. But the creme de la creme has always been the biblical M5. The outgoing model had an astonishing V10 engine that will be sorely missed. However BMW’s successor will not disappoint…

Leaked ahead of its Shanghai debut by some naughty person who attended an embargoed event, the new M5 is nothing short of stunning. These images from Motor Authority show the bold new design dominating its environment. The side grills are a particular favorite element of ours along with the muscular body line that accompanies it. The twin-turbo V8 luxury ballistic missile will officially be unveiled to the world by the Germans in Shanghai along with all the juicy details we just cant wait for.