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2013 Lamborghini Gallardo is Same-Old


Don’t get me wrong… The Lamborghini Gallardo is a fantastically capable machine, however, if we are witnessing a new generation of supercars then this raging bull is very much last seasons machine. It has had various updates throughout its product lifecycle; more power, updated trim and the like. The cars long overdue successor is set to debut in 2014 but until then we shall just have to make do, I say make do as if that’s a bad thing, with a refreshed 2013 model.

So, what’s new? Not a lot is the answer, in fact every model except for the LP560-4 is identical in every way to last years car. The LP560-4 itself gains nothing in the performance department but does receive some styling tweaks. The front bumper is much more aggressively styled adding some rakish angles and a smattering of intakes. The rear fascia is very angular and also reveals more of the baby bulls diffuser.

Lamborghini hopes this will quench your thrust until they say goodbye to their best selling model.