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A Grave Situation


Most people when they die have a memorable gravestone placed above them to commemorate the memory of the unfortunate soul. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours all designed to be a fitting way to mark a final place of rest. I’ve seen heart shaped ones, cats, dogs, circular, square you name it they appear to make it. However there has always been one potential gap in the mourning market, the petrol head.

The late Steve Marsh, devoted husband and father of two, had high admirations of the BMW M3 convertible and to commemorate that fact his family commissioned a ½ scale replica to be constructed for his gravestone. This is dedication of the highest order as the £50,000 monument was chiselled out of a single piece of gannet! The stone is now “parked” at its final resting place in the Manor Park Cemetery in East London.

Local residents have begun to make remarks about this testament to petrol head-ism saying that it could become a target for vandalism. However the majority of people who visited the cemetery remarked “it made me smile.”

So there you go, the gap in the market has indeed been plugged.