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Audi R18 Le Mans Racer Exposed


The prestigious Le Mans 24 Hour is the worlds most famous, technically and physically demanding form of motorsport. Over the past decade Audi has rained supreme through the majority with their diesel powered racers that never seem to relent. However in 2009 Peugeot stole their thunder and set of a chain reaction that would cause Audi’s biggest change in the LMP category since 1999.

The new car set to compete next year has been revealed as the R18. It is Audi’s first closed-cockpit LMP car for over a decade and boy does it look mean. The success of numerous roofed racers over the years has led Audi to add its owncarbon shelter to prevent driver fatigue and improve aerodynamics. Powered by a 3.7 litre TDI V6 this car will hit the track for the 6 hours of Spa early next year in preparation for the big event.