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Big Alloy Wheels are the Spawn of the Devil


Alloy wheelsIn this job we drive many different cars. Big cars, small cars, fast cars, slow cars, good cars, crap cars… The one thing that they all have in common, regardless if it is a Rolls-Royce or Ford Fiesta, is a set of wheels. Usually four of them, Reliant Robin take note, each a necessary compete of the automobile. What is totally unnecessary is just how large some alloy wheels can be optioned. In some models you can go from 16 inches on the standard model all the way up to 22 inches plus. The worst thing is that gargantuan alloys have never done anybody any favours.

Whilst I completely understand the aesthetic impact that they have on some cars, paying for larger wheels amounts to nothing more than willy waving in reality.

I am a competent driver but I dread signing for a press car with huge alloy wheels as, no matter how good you are at parking, it’s far from a relaxing experience. You ease your way into a space with so much more caution in fear of hearing that horrific ear piercing scrape against the curb. Let us face it, at some point in that cars life after you have lovingly paid for its bigger shiny shoes, they will be scuffed. That day when you have a heavy cold or are distracted by the kids in the back, that is when a few choice words will be said.

Larger alloys almost always make a cars ride worse as they send loud thuds through an otherwise tranquil cabin, especially on British roads. I have driven the same car of differing specifications and I can honestly say that the trade in comfort for a few more inches of metal is not worth it.

Oh sure, you can admire them whilst parked, but that is exactly where the car will stay if your alloy wheels cause your spine to disintegrate when driving.