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BMW 4 Series Unleashed


Are you ready for one of the biggest paradigm shifts the automotive industry has seen over the past 10 years? The BMW 3 Series, as we know it anyway, is dead… The very capable coupe will no longer wear its fabled number 3 and so closes a chapter in BMW’s long history. As the winds of change swirl through the corridors of the German manufacturer, a new legend begins.

BMW’s line-up is going through a metamorphosis that will see all coupe variations of different series’ get their own model designation. Just like the 6 Series is a coupe of the 5 series, the 4 series is to become the new 3 series coupe. The 3 series from now on will only come in saloon flavour.

So here it is… This is the BMW 4 Series and what a striking machine it is to look at! If the chaps in Bavaria wanted to make a statement about this all new car then they have very much succeeded. The new design is fresh and purposeful giving it a real character of its own. Could this be the best looking BMW of all time? I think so. Though officially a concept car, what you see before you is about 97% production ready. What is under bonnet I hear you cry? BMW are playing their cards very close to the chest at the moment. The short answer is that they haven’t officially told us yet.

Check out all of the HIGH RESOLUTION images of the stunning new BMW 4 Series on our Facebook page. Trust me, these three pictures alone do not do it justice!