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Bugatti To Bring New Veyron Vitesse To Geneva


Mans seemingly unquenchable thrust to go faster is a never ending journey. Though the thrust unquenchable, Bugatti’s Veyron went a good way to provide hydration. The incredible engineering achievements came together to form a 268MPH legend. Bugatti Aren’t quite done yet.

The production run of the Veyron is coming to its end with the final cars of the 350 allocation all being of the Grand Sport variety. The fastest SuperSport Veyron introduced a few new tricks to boost top speed and acceleration. At Geneva this year Bugatti are applying this science to the chop-top model. To be called the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, it will reaffirm the brands place as fastest production car manufacturer in the world. Official figures have yet to be released but the car will have 1184BHP thanks to larger turbos.