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Build Your Dream 2017 Ford GT


2017 Ford GT Inside Lane actionWhen the new 2017 Ford GT was unveiled last year it was instantly the star of its motor show. This legend returns for the 50th anniversary of the originals 1, 2, 3, victory at LeMans in 1966. Built as a racing car and a road car in synergy, the Ford GT is set to return to the iconic 24 hour race this year competing against old foe Ferrari. By the end of this year the road going supercar will be making its way to the lucky 500 selected owners.2017 Ford GT Inside Lane top Even if you did have about £320,000 to buy this turbocharge V6 supercar, you can’t necessarily have one as Ford are vetting each application. However, for those who enjoy dreaming, you can now build your dream 2017 Ford GT.

Obviously we had to give this a go! Browsing the selection of colours, we chose the rather moody Liquid Grey paint as it adds a rather sinister tone to this modern car. To stripe or not to stripe? That is the question… Yeah, who wouldn’t? A contrasting Lightning Blue stripe dons our car adding a touch of heritage. Gloss carbon fibre wheels were an obvious choice. A matching black and blue interior completes out 2017 Ford GT.

A curious greyed out option “coming soon” under the heading “Series” has us thinking that maybe Ford hasn’t told us everything about the new GT just yet.

Give it a go! Build your 2017 Ford GT HERE. 

2017 Ford GT Inside Lane front