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Call of the F1’s, 21 of McLaren’s Most Famous Gather


Since its launch in 1992, the McLaren F1 has spent its lifetime collecting record after record for its pure engineering brilliance. At one point it was the world’s fastest accelerating supercar, the world’s most powerful supercar and the world’s most expensive supercar! The owner ship of an F1 came with an immeasurable amount of prestige as not only were these fantastic machines limited to about 100 examples, only 64 of them were road legal.

Since its production run ended in 1998 these fine examples of engineering brilliance have been scattered across the globe. However, with McLaren launching its all-new MP4-12C, the owners and their cars were invited back to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking. And what a sight! 21 McLaren F1’s of various variety’s attended making this, to the best of our knowledge, the biggest gathering of the car since it rolled out of the factory 18 years ago.

It’s nice to see these beasts still clocking up the miles and not sat in the back of a shed degrading.