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Up Close and Personal with the Aston Martin DB11


Power, beauty, and soul are said to be the three key ingredients of any Aston Martin. These British icons represent the fusion of sophistication, sporting pedigree, sculptural design, whilst being tempered like a gentleman. This is the Aston Martin DB11 and it marks a pivotal moment in the history of this brand.

I defy anyone who doesn’t think that this car is beautiful and I can tell you that it looks even better in the metal. A long proud bonnet stretches to the horizon whilst a flowing roofline leads your eyes to its highly sculpted rear quarters. It delivers a powerful stance whilst retaining elegance and composure. They say god is in the detail and if that is true then the DB11 deserves its own chapter in the bible. Aluminium slashes to the bonnet, highly finessed light signatures, dimples at the exhaust exit. All tiny things that add up to this being something very special indeed. An almost 007 Q-branch inspired technology removes the need for a rear spoiler as AeroBlade takes its place. Air is channeled from the C pillar and out of a vent on the boot lid creating a wing made of high pressure air. Further revolutions are found beneath the skin with a new lightweight chassis.

The interior has taken a quantum leap forward, not that they were terrible before, but clearly this is a step up. This sizeable cabin seats four and is lined with some of the finest leather. New switchgear and infotainment brings the cabin up to date. Just like the exterior it has got plenty of character.

Beneath the largest clamshell bonnet you will find on a road car is the Aston Martin DB11’s beating heart. The new 600bhp 5.2 litre V12 engine retains the traditional 12 cylinders but adds two turbos. If you are worried that forced induction will somehow impair the orchestra we know and love, don’t. Listen for yourself. That isn’t a synthesised noise, it is full-blooded and intoxicating. 0-62 MPH takes 3.9 seconds and the Aston Martin DB11 will go onto 200 MPH. An 8 speed ZF automatic transmission takes care of cog swapping.

Costing from £154,000 this car is a fitting replacement for the much loved DB9. Our brief encounter left us both shaken and stirred.

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