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Cost of Buying a Ferrari Rises


Ferrari is the worlds most recognized brand, not just of performance machines, but of anything. The prancing horse is recognized by the vast majority of the population and symbolizes the pinnacle of performance. Born on the race track with the cutting edge technology filtering down into stallions that those who can afford one may possess. So if only the wealthy can buy such a car why am I writing an article on how much they cost. I mean, the price tag is peanuts to rich isn’t it?

Well that may be but whilst doing some research for another piece I am working on I stumbled across something rather interesting. Each models successor is more costly than the last. “Well that is no surprise” I hear you cry. Well that is until you hear by how much… 8 years ago Ferrari produced the much missed 612 Scaglietti, the car that preceded the FF. This cost a rather princely £182,952 in its most basic trim. So factoring in inflation, cost of production and new technologies what do you recon the starting price of the FF is? The answer? £227,077! That is an increase of £44,125. Now the FF may be leaps and bounds faster than the 612 but can you honestly say that this increase is justified? It is the same with the new F12 Berlinetta. Though prices have yet to be announced, the speculation is that it will cost around £250,000 as opposed to the 599’s £212,066.

I’m sure Ferrari have their reasons for this, such as wanting to see an increase in profits year on year despite the economic downturn, but from a customers point of view you begin to wonder if the badge is worth it?