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Ferrari 250 GTO Sells For £20.2 Million


It is said to one of the worlds most desired objects. It is the Italians legendary legacy embodied in a single form. It is the Ferrari 250 GTO… This machine really is a work of art combining those drool inducing curves with a pounding 3.0 litre V12 heart. The 250 GTO is a racing legend, a rare breed and one has just sold for over £20 Million in the UK.

A 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO has become the UK’s most valuable car and very nearly the most expensive car in the world. Selling for a cool £20,200,000 the Prancing horse turned its previous owner a princely profit as it was bought in 2008 for £15.7 million. Only 39 250 GTO’s were ever produced and all were hand made. As a result no two are the same and so official BHP figures were “around 300.” With a 174MPH top speed, it was the car of its generation.