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Ferrari 458 Fires Explained


The new Ferrari 458 Italia is a sublime piece of kit and in our eyes one of the best cars the firm has made. Beautiful looks and fantastic handling makes this one of our favourite cars on sale today. However there has been a spate of fires involving the 458, not something that is going to help Ferrari sell them and certainly not something owners want to hear. The Italian company launched an investigation immediately and the verdict is now in.

After 10 reported incidents Ferrari undertook thorough examination of the design as well as the circumstances of all the fires and has now reached a conclusion. According to them it is due to the glue used to fix the wheels arch in place. In hot ambient temperatures this glue can overheat and dislodge a heat shield causing smoke and in some cases fire. Ferrari have stressed that this only happens in rare cases where the car has been pushed hard combined with the hot temperature outside of the car. Only a small number of cars will have been effected but Ferrari are recalling all 458’s to fit new liners around the wheel arch, and of course any damaged cars will be replaced.