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Ferrari FF Revealed


We have seen spy shots, we have seen renderings but today in advance of its debut at the Geneva motor show in March speculation on Ferrari’s 612 successor comes to an end. The 612 though not being an extravert in Italian styling was a prancing horse through and through providing supercar adrenalin rushes in four seater form. The car provided occupants a very unique experience in that not two but four full grown adults could experience unrestrained Ferrari performance. So here it is… The Ferrari FF.

Named the FF as an acronym for “Ferrari Four” this devilishly handsome GT brings forth a new incarnation of the popular formula. The real surprise is that this car is the first Ferrari to have a four-wheel-drive set-up that it uses to intelligently distribute torque throughout the car.  With Ferrari V12 power from an all new 6.3 litre and a luxurious 458 inspired cabin we can already imagine ourselves building the miles. Total power comes in the form of 651 perfectly formed horses than can accelerate the latest Italian stallion to 62MPH in 3.7 seconds. Top speed is 208MPH but with this cars epic torque levels of 504 lb-ft expect the journey to be quite a thrill.

More details to come…