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Ferrari Will Build 500th LaFerrari


500th LaFerrariHave you been dying to get your hands on a LaFerrari from day 1 but were not one of the lucky 499 chosen? Are you someone who wants to clock the first miles in a brand new Ferrari instead of having to buy a secondhand Italian flagship? If so you might be in luck. Ferrari are to build just one more LaFerrari bringing the total run to 500 cars. The 500th LaFerrari is being auctioned off for charity to raise money for the recent Italian Earthquake.

The V12 hybrid supercar packs a 950 BHP punch and it will do 0-62 MPH in just 3 seconds. 0-186 MPH take 15.5 seconds. Production of LaFerrari ended last year with each car costing from £1,040,000 but today used examples command a huge premium.

The final Ferrari Enzo was similarly sold for charity in the wake of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

Later this month at the Paris Motor Show LaFerrari Spider, or Aperta as it will likely be called, will be revealed to the public. Featuring a removable carbon fibre roof panel, it sports the same performance specification as the coupe. All were sold some time ago via an invitation sent to Ferrari’s best customers.

It is expected that the 500th LaFerrari will sell for more than any example before it.