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Ford Kuga ST-Line Surfaces


Ford Kuga ST-LineFor those who don’t want the higher running costs of a performance model, but love the way they appear, manufacturers have been producing an alternative. BMW has M-Sport, AMG offer AMG-Line, and Ford is to begin offering ST-Line. We have already seen what ST-Line badged Mondeo and Focus will look like, but now the Kuga has come out to join the party. This is the Ford Kuga ST-Line and it injects some sporty attitude.

Later this year the Kuga is getting a facelift that will bring its design language inline with the latest offerings from Dearborn. The Ford Kuga ST-Line adds further revised styling that will include; a black grill, darkened roof rails, 18 or 19 inch alloy wheels, and tinted glass. Inside a new set of sports seats are featured.

Whilst the engine has been left alone, there are some suspension changes. This Kuga ST-Line sits 10mm lower and possesses a set of larger anti-roll bars. A few tweaks have also been made to its steering.

Pricing has yet to be announced.