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Ford Start Concept


What we have here is not some form of moon-juice powered spaceship from the future, despite its looks; it is in fact Fords latest design concept named the Start. But the start of what exactly?  Ford says that this study was designed to look at ways of building cheaper, more environmentally friendly cars in the near future. The bulk of the car is built from aluminium and steel to reduce weight and increase those all-important MPG’s, the body itself is completely made from recycled materials.

We love the way this little comet looks with its lack of joins and swooping rear. I would hope that one day in the future that a generation of the KA takes many aspects of the Start as having this rocket in the Tesco’s car park will certainly stand out. Despite what we say Ford tell us that this shape is easier to manufacture and so could well become a reality not only to save you money but make you feel like you have spent it well.

The proposed engine for the Start is a three-cylinder 1.0 litre engine with a turbo and direct injection! Sounds perfect, small enginebig power. The green folk will leave you alone with this as well due to it emitting less than 100G of CO2 per KM.

There appears to be no down side! You can see the Start at the Beijing Motor Show.