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Land Rover Defender Replacement Debuts


67 years later and the Land Rover Defender is still going strong. The British workhorse hasn’t really changed over this vast span of time but the world around it has greatly. This begs the question, does the worlds best 4X4 need to change because of its environment? In another few years, when the car is 70, will the world still love the old brute? Today Land Rover has preview the Defenders future.

Named the DC100 Concept, it embodies the future direction of the Defender. 2015 is when its true successor shall surface but this is our first look at what direction is being taken. Keeping the iconic Defender square stance, the DC100 is designed to be just as rugged as todays car. A successor not a redefinition. Land Rover says it “builds upon essential elements of the Defender’s character and allows us to open the debate and inspire people to dream about Defenders of the future.”