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Lexus LF-A Nürburgring Package Unveiled


The Lexus LF-A is already an extreme example of what Toyota money and engineering is capable of. Nobody, much like the Audi R8, saw the LF-A coming. A super car from Lexus was a concept that only existed in the hallucinations of the criminally insane. That was until it the first car rolled off the block, and its place as one of the most cataclysmic super cars the world had ever seen was cemented.

Now we are told that this adrenalin inducing beast now comes on steroids in the form of the Nürburgring Package. Power has been increased to an incredible 562BHP and 0-60MPH can be achieved, thanks in part to shift times of 0.15 seconds, in 3.7 seconds! The car now comes with a fixed wing to increase down-force yet still manages to keep its top speed of202MPH. Only 50 of the 4.8 litre V10 Nürburgring Package will be produced, so if your wanting one of these road-going racers you’re going to have to act just as fast as the car.