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Mazda MX-5 Refresh Shown Early


Sometimes car manufacturers get just as excited about a launch as what he rest of us do. That enthusiasm bubbles up and often boils over to form leaked images, sometimes conspicuously well placed ones it must be said, or even early reveals. Mazda’s MX-5 has been a masterpiece for decades but just before its big 2013 redesign, this well placed update comes into play.

Originally set to be revealed at the Pari motor show, this is the last nip and tuck the well loved MX-5 will get. Slight revisions have been made to the front and rear bumpers with the forward attempting to mimic Mazda’s new design direction. The bonnet has also received a few little changes to improve pedestrian safety. The biggest alterations come from the cars redesigned throttle mapping that offers sharper responses. The break servos have also been tampered with for better performance.

Expect to see this generations last model to go on sale soon after its public debut.