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McLaren Tease New F1 Successor


The McLaren F1 to many people is still the ultimate hyper car. Dominant for over a decade as the worlds fastest production car, the F1 was not just about going quickly in a straight line. Perfectly balanced, perfectly engineering, and perfectly capable of success in motorsport. Now McLaren are back in the game of making road cars and after many years the F1 is to finally have a successor.

It goes without saying that we expect a lot from this new car, but until 27/09/2012 at the Paris motor show we know very little. McLaren have released this teaser image and video of the car but have remained tightlipped about every aspect. The British firm made a bold statement last month saying that big engines such as V12’s were dead and so it is safe to presume that this new car will run a heavily turbocharged V8.