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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3


It was only a matter of time before Mercedes were going to offer a race variant of the stunning new SLS. Gullwing doors return to racing after 50 plus years at the hands of… Well anybody willing to foot the bill. This lightened GT3 race specification car will be offered to existing GT3 teams as well as privateers wanting enter the race series. Of course one or two will stray from the track and into private collections, but can you blame them?

This 6.3 litre beast will be available for the 2011 season after being scrutinised by the FIA, hence the lack of details on power as the governing body have yet to publish any regulations. However this cars predecessor, the SLR 722 GT, was a real track monster! Its 671BHP took one look at the track and tore it to shreds. So, if Mercedes-Benz uses the same formula here, this could be a real winner.