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Mini Remastered by David Brown Revealed


Mini Remastered frontThe original Mini is a national icon, a legend that will forever be celebrated within the British automotive industry. Mini today is thriving, but their products have moved on with the times. It is very hard to find a pristine classic these days, but if you want something better than new, then David Brown might just have something for you. Following on from the Speedback GT is the Mini Remastered.

Much like the car on which it is based, the Mini Remastered does what it says on the tin. Take the original and “remaster” it with modern technology, coach built enhancements to styling, but retaining that Mini charm.

New body panels have been hand crafted to give a cleaner look to the miniature proportions of this car. Whilst retaining its signature rounded headlights, the grill has been redesigned along with the read taillights. The attention to detail in the chrome work is mighty impressive and the whole effort has pushed the Mini out of its classless roots and onto a more premium stage.

The interior has been reupholstered and features a bespoke dashboard. A touchscreen infotainment display that runs Apple CarPlay and Android Auto welcomes the cabin to the 21st century. High quality materials line every square inch to create something far more cosseting than the original.

Under the bonnet is a reconditioned version of the 1275cc engine from the Cooper S of which is pair to a recondition 4 speed manual transmission. Entry-level cars produce 60 BHP, the Cafe Racer edition bumps that to 75 BHP, and the Monte Carlo edition gets a 1310cc version with 90 BHP. Whilst small numbers by todays standards, the car only weighs 700KG.

Pricing has yet to be formalised but the Mini Remastered is expected be around £70,000.

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