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New British Supercar Lets You Have Your Cake And Eat It


The British automotive industry was once a vast and bountiful empire producing everything from the Mini to TVR sports cars. Alas, today it is all but nonexistent with a few independents left in the game. Today we received an E-Mail from a new British car company named Trident. Now, I’m all for new Brit cars to come along and bulk up the numbers, but the vast majority are something that came fresh out of a mans shed. In short, they just don’t really compete with “real-world” competitors. However, Trident have caused quite a stir in the office.

Trident are to produce a new supercar called the Iceni that not only produces some pretty impressive performance figures, but also make some numbers that would make the greenest of Prius drivers look twice. But first let’s kick off with the stuff we really care about! Powering this low slung roadster is a 6.6 litre turbo-disel engine, but don’t go writing it off just because it’s an oil burner. How does 0-60MPH in 3.7 seconds sound? Or a top speed of 200MPH? The standard car produces 430BHP but thanks to Trident’s “torque multiplication system” it produces an incredible 950lb ft! That is just a biblical figure! Better yet there is an optional upgrade to 600BHP that makes 1050lb ft of torque as a byproduct.

Some very intriguing, and intimidating, numbers there but the one that will really shock you is the Iceni’s MPG. Ready? At motorway speeds it sits at just 980rpm and will do 68.9MPG.