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New Ferrari Enzo First Official Images


Ferrari F150 teaser frontIn 2002 Ferrari made their halo car. Said to be the ultimate in Formula One technology for the road, Ferrari’s Enzo was born. Packing a 6.0 litre V12Ferrari F150 teaser rear punch the machine became an instant legend. But that was 10 years ago and with McLaren revealing their P1 hypercar to be nothing short of incredible, the Italians want to get back into the spotlight. A new Enzo is on its way.

Internally codenamed F150, that name will likely change due to Fords most popular pick-up already using it, the new car has been teased in Ferrari’s official magazine. The shadowy images show a highly sculpted front end that is dominated by what appears to be a nose mounted air intake. At the rear bodywork is shown to be almost shrink-wrapped to its carbon fibre bones. We know the car will be powered by Ferrari’s new V12 engine that is mated to an F1 inspired KERS.

All shall be revealed in 2013.