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Nissan To Build “Limited Run” Of Juke-R


They say bringing a knife to a gunfight is never a good idea; but what if your metaphorical knife has a hidden talent? When Nissan said they would build a Juke that could rival the performance of a supercar, I will be honest, I laughed and carried on doing whatever task I was part way through and didn’t spare it another thought. When the car actually came to light, at first I vomited at its sheer aesthetic horror, but then was in awe of the numbers that came with it. Now Nissan are willing to build a few more Juke-R.

Originally set to be a technical demonstration of just two cars, the Juke-R cannibalises the GT-R supercar and takes with it 545BHP and a top speed of 160MPH. Thanks to the 3.8 litre V6 and all the electronic magic that goes with it, it is enough to worry some of the big names pictured above. Nissan will build to order a limited run of Juke-R using the 2012 GT-R as opposed to the original that employed the 2010 model.

No pricing was given in the press release.