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Nürburgring Goes Bankrupt


Over 12 miles of black tarmac. 73 chassis twisting corners. The most dynamic driving environment on the planet. Welcome to the Green Hell! Many have tried and failed to tame the Nürburgring that draws racing drivers and us mere mortals like a moth to a flame. It is an enduring test of man and machine, a real legend amongst those who enjoy going fast. This kingdom now has an uncertain future as we receive news that the Nürburgring has filed for bankruptcy.

The track that allows all to try their hand for a few Euros a lap has been fighting ever growing debts for years. After an investment of €215,000,000 for tourist attractions failed, many have said that the business models days were numbered. What happens now is anyones guess and the 2013 German Grand Prix hangs in the balance. The track, I have no doubt, will be saved by someone. For now, however, we can only hope that this someone already has their cheque book ready.