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Renault Clio Special Is Teenage Attitude


We are currently experiencing a hot-hatch war and the word is from the front line that it could get just as spicy as it did in the 90’s! People today don’t have vast sums of money to play with and so a cheap and practical thill becomes four wheeled euphoria. Renault are a key protagonist in these ongoing battles and their latest combatant is ready to rumble.

This is the Renault Clio Renaultsport 200 Raider, and no it’s not just you, this machine sure looks angry. Sporting a meatier body kit, including a more aggressive front bumper, the special edition car deserves an ASBO. Fitted with some grippier Bridgestone tyres and “back away” jet black rims the Raider will be limited to just 50 units. All this teenage frustration will cost a reasonable £17,930.