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Review: 2017 Skoda Yeti Outdoor 4×4 SE L


Skoda Yeti Outdoor 4x4 SE L frontAmidst all of the flashy motors of today, the core demographic of people primarily want a solid family workhorse. The Skoda Yeti has provided just that over the years and, as a result, reaped the reward for providing. Their popularity can be confirmed by simply stepping outside. Whilst the model is to be replace later this year, is this peoples champion still worthy of your money?

It is a credit to the designers just how well the Yeti has aged. In fact, visually it could still pass as a model nearer the beginning of its life. A broad chrome trimmed grill sits between a pair of large headlights. Black B and C pillars create a floating roof effect Skoda Yeti Outdoor 4x4 SE L logoleading onto a more utilitarian rear end. A raised ride hight, roof rails, and black cladding creates a rugged look. Our mid-level test car with 17 inch alloy wheels and finished in “Petrol Blue” metallic paint appears grown-up and highly functional.

Whilst externally the car holds up well, the interior is where it begins to show its age. The Skoda Yeti Outdoor is still a great family space, don’t get me wrong, but the simplistic architecture contrasts the more sculpted cabins in the latest models. That said, everything you touch feels durable and that bodes well for families with younger children. The most destructive force on Earth is not a monsoon, tornado, or volcano… It is a toddler that hasn’t had enough sleep! Front occupants are treated to that much loved high driving position and also a set of heated leather Skoda Yeti Outdoor 4x4 SE L interiorseats. Whilst they are a little on the firm side, they are supportive in all of the right places. We would highly recommend optioning the Amundsen touchscreen infotainment system as it is very ergonomic and visually appealing. Dual zone air-conditioning comes standard with SE L trim. The uttermost rear passengers get plenty of head and leg room, but a protruding hump in the floor does cut down on space for the middle seat. Boot capacity is a respectable 416 litres or 1,580 litres with the seats folded flat.

On the move the Skoda Yeti Outdoor feels just as robust as it does when stationary. Progress is strong from this cars 2.0 litre diesel engine that produces 148 BHP and a notable 340Nm of torque. Particularly at junctions in the urban arena, the low down “get up and go” the TDI provides means you can take advantage of gaps in the traffic. Good visibility all around and the blunt rear end makes parking in the high street easy. On faster roads, high grip levels and well weighted steering make for good driving companions. The Yeti is also reasonably resistant to body roll considering its crossover credentials. By todays standards the engine is not the quietest amongst competitors and there is notable wind noise once you hit the motorway, but put it into top gear and set the cruise control, and it will happily trawl the M25 all day long. In terms of overall ride quality, our rutted British roads don’t present much of a problem. Skoda claim 55 MPG combined.

This being the all wheel drive model means that it can certainly handle some light off roading. Its ground clearance combined with hill descent control means that it is far from unprepared. Under body protection can be optioned. Something else that the Skoda Yeti Outdoor 4×4 model gives you is that added security when the weather turns nasty. Considering the adverse conditions the UK has faced in the first segment of this year, the reassurance that your car will get you to where you need to go come what may, can not be understated.

You can have an all wheel drive Skoda Yeti Outdoor in SE L guise from £25,275 or an entry level car at £17,610. It is an extremely competent allrounder and spending some time with this Skoda clearly demonstrates why it has become such a success. In fact, I liked it so much that I’m recommending it to my Father as hit next set of wheels. There may well be a changing of the guard underway, but this generation Yeti still excels.