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Snow Britannia


Well that was unexpected… The weather men are notorious for telling fibs about what the weather will do in the following days and so when he said “heavy snow” we really didn’t take much notice. The plan for today was to road test the latest Mazda MX-5 and as Inside Lane is based near the south-coast of England, we thought even if there was snow it would just be a dusting. How wrong we were…

I have lived here for over ten years now and the most snow I have ever seen in this area is about an inch, so the MX-5 sounded a good idea even if it did snow. Looking outside now there is still a foot of snow in some places! The little roadster is outside but it isn’t going anywhere today. I have witnessed cars sliding down hills with the breaks on, vans understeering towards pavements and a snow plough on the coastal road less than 200M from the sea.

Where ever you are in the UK please do try to avoid driving as much as possible and if you do go out be careful! Enough of health and safety, enjoy your snow day!