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SSC’s Bugatti Buster Launches Next Month


The Bugatti Veyron undoubtedly deservers it’s title of world’s fastest production car. For it can not only reach biblical speeds, 267MPH via the new Super Sports, but it is so refined that you could use it on a daily basis. SSC have once before beaten down the original Veyron by just a few MPH, and of course now that Bugatti hold the title again they want it back. In retaliation to the Super Sports they are launching a new car next month.

Details on the car are few and far between but we know designer Jason Castriota has been employed by the company. The new car will only exist in 12 forms and each is to carry a price tag of over £500,000. IF the car does manage to surpass the Veyron again only expect it to be by a few MPH as the laws of physics are now becoming an impenetrable barrier and obviously don’t expect the SSC to be as lavish or stable as the Bug. There is a very good reason why a Veyron costs more than double any SSC.