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Tesla Show Model X SUV


The electric car market is, slowly but surely, growing with new adopters going cold turkey on combustion. The thing is that in terms of vehicle variety for those who go electric, there just isn’t any. You can have a hatchback or nothing. Tesla no longer produce their Lotus Elise based Roadster, but are now offering a saloon named the Model S. This is soon to be joined by the world first all electric SUV.

This is the Tesla Model X and it’s a bit more of a surprise than we were expecting. Firstly it will crack 0-62MPH in just 4.4 seconds making its acceleration impressive not only for combustion 4X4’s, but for something on wheels in general. The car seats 7 and has two boots in order to fit all of its occupants clad. But the biggest surprise is that the Model X incorporates gull-wing doors into its design. The rear pair open vertically and apparently resemble a falcon.

This is indeed a big step forwards for electric cars.