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This Is the New Honda NSX


It has been a long time… The automotive industry often morns dead heroes that have been discontinued for one reason or another. The Focus ST, the Civic Type-R and the Mazda RX-8 to name just a few over the past year or so. But none have been missed more than the Honda NSX. The well priced, beautifully balanced machine was sentenced to death in 2005 after 15 years of putting a smile on drivers faces. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the NSX will return.

Wearing an Acura badge for now, this is the new Honda NSX supercar and my goodness it ticks the boxes! Not only does it look sharper than a samurai sword but it sticks to that true NSX formula of a mid-mounted V6. The evolution of technology may have killed off its predecessor, but this car is at the cutting edge. It has a hybrid mode to the hippies happy. It has a dual clutch gearbox to keep those who speculate on numbers happy. Best of all, it is driver focus just like the 1990 car was and so makes us very happy.

The new NSX is expected to hit production lines within the next 3 years.