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Vauxhall Allowing Returns On Ampera This Christmas


Vauxhall Ampera treeSometimes you just make a mistake… It happens to the best of us. A slight error of judgment leads to a wrong decision. When it comes to buying stuff that is exactly why you should keep your receipt. However, when it is to do with bigger things it’s not a straight forward as going back to the shop and getting a refund…. Or is it?

Vauxhall, this Christmas, are allowing people who purchase a new Ampera to return the car within 30 days of buying it and get a full refund if they decide they don’t like it. What a bold statement to make! It clearly shows that Vauxhall have absolute faith in their plug-in hybrid. This could just be one of the best marketing exercises the company has ever pulled off. Not only does it give buyers absolute piece of mind, but it also contrasts what many competitors would be will to do for a dissatisfied customer.