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Volkswagen are “Still Hungry”


VW wrc

The 2013 World Rally Championship was quite the show and yielded not only a new driver as champion, but also saw Volkswagen win the constructors championship in their debut year. Sebastien Ogier battled on snow, ice, mud, gravel, dirt and tarmac against strong competition, but he in tandem with a 2013 VW Polo R WRC triumphed. As we begin to look towards 2014, Volkswagen have a very clear message that they want to send out. They are still hungry!

The teams hunger for success is being promoted through a rather comical campaign that sees various forms of Fan food put through its paces. Rallying is a rough business and so the grub that loyal supporters bring to fuel their day of motorsport has to be just as tough. Their research has concluded that currywurst is the perfect snack to eat as the roadside whilst rally cars speed, drift and sometimes even fly past. Volkswagen are offering you the chance to win a VIP trip to the Monte Carlo rally in 2014! Watch the video below and visit their Rally the World website to register as a fan food tester. It could be you not only attending the opening rally next year, but munching on a generous helping of currywurst as you do!

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