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VW Reinvent the Hippy Van


They were effectively Beetles with a tin can on top. Not much cop for cornering, painfully slow at getting up to speed but you could fit a kitchen in the back. The definitive hippy mobile became a cult classic and today prices of these rust buckets are ever increasing. The fans have been calling for a modern day incarnation for decades and it is only now that VW have complied with their protest. Damn hippies!

The VW Bulli Concept is said to be the spiritual successor of the “door mobile.” Though it’s awkward boxy shape somewhat resembles the original with the addition of a two-tone paint scheme, purists will complain it still isn’t radical enough. Where is the blunt nose? The split windscreen? The answer is that health and safety has yet again stolen your hopes and dreams… The Bulli has a 3+3 seating arrangement and though smaller than the original, it still offers masses of practicality. 260Nm of torque comes thanks to an electric motor meaning this car is as green as the ideals of the protesters that will drive it. 0-62MPH will take over 11 seconds and the top speed as been limited to 87MPH.