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VW Set To Join Baby SUV Market With Taigun Concept


Is it just me or is todays car market being driven by an unquenchable thrust to find niches? Once upon a time crossovers were niche products, shooting brakes were almost unheard of, and the city car was non existent. It would appear I have answered my own question and to drive the point home VW has revealed a new concept that is a small car pretending to be big.

This niche isn’t all that new as the Mini Countryman and Nissan Juke have already established themselves. This is the VW Taigun Concept and being based upon a modified VW Up! platform, it is a rather compact car. Despite this it goes against convention and rides much higher up whilst choosing to garnish itself with bold design features usually found on 4X4’s. It seats just four and is powered by a 1.0 litre engine capable of 60.1MPG. 0-62MPH is completed in 9.2 seconds and the Taigun has a top speed of 115MPH. The potential introduction of the Taigun would result in sister models from Skoda and Seat much in the same way the Up! was distributed.