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2017 Subaru BRZ Ready for Lift-off


subaru-brz-2017-1As all-encompassing as anything we’ve previously seen, here comes an upgrade for the rip-roaring sports coupe that is the Subaru BRZ. This 2017 update brings tweaks and modifications to all areas of the Japanese firm’s immensely popular rear-wheel drive coupe; from interior and exterior design to powertrain and suspension settings.

A wider, lower stance characterises the front end of the 2017 BRZ coupe which, for the first time on any Subaru model, features a smart new LED headlight signature. A new 45⁰ stepped accent on the bumper limits airflow into the front intake to optimise handling and ride comfort. Out back, a pair of newly styled rear lamps sit just beneath the pedestal spoiler, whilst the 2017 BRZ gets a new set of boots with a 10 spoke aluminium design.

subaru-brz-2017The instrument panel is where most of the attention has been focused in terms of interior tweaks. The new interface is a riot of telemetry, cramming a G force meter, steering angle gauge, brake force gauge, lap timer and torque/power curves all into a 4.2-inch LCD colour display. As well as an assortment of new, higher-quality interior trim options, the new BRZ sports a more compact leather steering wheel with improved grip.

You won’t find many lighter rear-rear drive coupes than the Subaru BRZ out there, something that goes a long way to explaining the coupé’s prodigiously sprightly and sharp-handling. The refreshed car promises to take that poise and precision through the corners up a notch thanks to a new, enhanced suspension whose redesigned dampers significantly cut body roll at high cornering speeds.

subaru-brz-2017-3The sledgehammer accompanying the rapier comes in the form of an upgraded version of Subaru’s 2.0 litre Boxer engine. Well-liked by original BRZ enthusiasts, as well as us, this little brute now features several new components including a lower-friction camshaft and lighter rocker arms to boost performance over its predecessor. You’ll still find the familiar 205 bhp and 156 lb/ft of torque but word is that the refreshed BRZ may better the outgoing model’s 0-60mph sprint time of 7.6 seconds. A six-speed manual gearbox is a given, with automatic transmission also available complete with shift paddles and a rev-matching function.

Whenever the urge for speed gets the better of you, just flick on the TRACK mode toggle to stiffen up the suspension and tighten up the overall stability of the car. This setting also sharpens-up accelerator response time when things get serious out on the track.

Order books for the updated Subaru BRZ are set to open in spring 2017.subaru-brz-2017-2