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2012 Honda Civic Looks Angry!


When the latest incarnation of the Honda Civic arrived it was a real styling revolution. It looked more like a spaceship from a parallel universe than a Japanese family hatchback. Triangular exhaust-pipes, missile shaped door handles and even a dashboard that could resemble K.I.T.T were all part of the new image. Gone were the days of you’re parents owning a Civic as the little hatch became a weapon of the youth once more. Next year we will see a new Civic and it promises to be just as revolutionary as its predecessor.

Back when it was launched the current Civic may have got a head start on the competition in terms of “next-gen” design but years on things like the new Megan and the upcoming Ford Focus have equaled its design ethos. Set for it’s debut at the Detroit motor show in January the new hatch will attempt to spark a revolution once more. This recently released design sketch teases some CR-Z styling in the form of a highly hunched profile, but overall this car does look to have a rather aggressive demeanor about it.

It does look great, but lets wait and have a look at the Type-R…