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2013 Audi R8 Revealed


Supercars are the pinnacle of road going performance. With big power, big design, and even bigger price tags they are the perfect subject for a poster on a child’s bedroom wall. The only problem comes when you introduce these dream machines to the real world. Their firm suspension is great for high G corners but back shattering on British roads. They are cramped, thirsty, impractical, and you can just forget about tackling speed bumps. If only there was a car that provided all these thrills but could also overcome realities obstacle course of issues.

The Audi R8 is one such machine. I once described it as “the most complete car I have ever had the pleasure of testing.” It has a usable boot, comfortable interior, reasonable fuel consumption, oh and its blisteringly quick! This is the new 2013 R8 that introduces the cars first real facelift. Available in the usual V8 coupe/spyder and V10 coupe/spyder configurations, Audi has also added a V10 Plus option that gives an extra smattering of carbon fibre as well as 550BHP. New lights and more aggressive grills headline the visual changes but underneath the S-tronic gearbox is now 7 speed. Fear not purest’s, there is still a 6 speed manual option. The interior R8 now gets quilted seats and roof lining, but other than that previous owners should feel right at home.