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838BHP GT-R Powered Dacia Duster Racer Revealed


The Pikes Peak hill climb event is hotly contested by a vast array of machines. Everything from trucks to hatchbacks, concepts to custom built rally cars all fight for the fastest time over some of the most treacherous terrain. Amongst these entrants will be an unlikely candidate from the much mocked brand of Dacia. Don’t write it off however as it packs more power than Lamborghini’s new Aventador.

Based upon the Dacia Duster this car is named the “No Limit” and has an incredible 838BHP crammed into its body. Dacia’s links with Nissan means that the GT-R’s 3.8 litre V6 engine is actually what is under the bonnet. The 26th of June is when this car will launch its bid to be crowned king of the hill. Don’t go thinking that a car with a spoiler this big doesn’t take itself seriously, they are here to win.


  1. if inside this Bonnet is a nissan 3.8 L engine with the experience of these two companies i bet they are here to win and they will. when we say french experience in racing field it will have a good impression

    welcome renault and dacia welcome lets cross our fingers