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Aston Martin DBS Replacement To Be Named Vanquish


What’s in a name? Well, in the automotive industry a name means an awful lot as the collection of numbers and letters must be fitting for the product it is attached to. There are some very good ones out there; Veyron, Zonda, Carrera. Aston Martin are to revive one of their most evocative nameplates for the replacement to the much loved DBS.

VANQUISH. It has to be one of the all-time greats as it just sounds powerful and dramatic. The Original Vanquish was yet another brilliant Aston Martin (if you ignored the rather poor flappy-paddle gearbox) that brought both power and beauty. A production variant of Aston’s AM310 Concept has been spied wearing a Vanquish badge providing conclusive evidence of the cars official name. Expect to see the finished product later this year just in time for the British brands 100th anniversary next year.