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Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 Special Edition Revealed


Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 FrontA very limited-edition Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 has been unveiled to celebrate the infamous World War 2 Spitfire fighter plane, which first took to the skies 80 years ago.

A grand total of just eight examples of the Spitfire special-edition will be built and exclusively sold at Aston Martin Cambridge, having been creating by Aston’s Q personalisation service at the request of the Cambridge dealer.

This isn’t simply a V12 Vantage S with a new name, however. Each of the eight models feature components forged by the Aircraft Restoration Company, based in Duxford. These unique elements are an aluminium bar inside, inspired by the iconic warplane’s rear strut brace and tailpipe tips finished in a rainbow ‘bloom’ effect to match the Spitfire’s exhausts.

The cars will be finished in Duxford green with yellow pinstripes which draw parallel with the Spitfire’s colour way. Further additions to this model include colour coded bonnet louvres, satin carbon-fibre rear diffuser and front spoiler as well as a Spitfire serial number in the car’s side strakes.

Inside the Spitfire 80, customers will find floor mats made of Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 Interiorsaddle leather and sheepskin to tribute Irvin flying jackets and a ‘Spitfire 80’ logo embroidered into the headrests. The airbag cover is also embroidered with a unique identification code and the door inserts and pulls now feature red webbing.

The lucky few to buy this special model are also given a very unique Spitfire-inspired accessory list, including flying helmet and goggles as well as a special Spitfire 80 Irvin jacket.

No mechanical alteration have been made over the standard V12 Vantage S, so it will still have it’s 565bhp 5.9-litre V12 engine, making for a 0-62mph time of 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 205mph.

As is with much of this car, even the handover is very unique. It will take place at the AirSpace  exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford on the 18th October. There will then be a talk from a veteran Spitfire pilot before customers are able to drive their new car on the runway – all then topped off by a demonstration from one of the last Mk1 Spitfire’s.

For each car sold Aston Martin will also make a donation to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. The price for this limited edition car is £180,000, which is almost £40,000 more than the standard V12 Vantage S, but the car’s rarity and significance of tributing one of the finest examples of British engineering mean that all eight examples will be snapped up in no time.

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