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Audi A1 Sportback Opens New Doors


Audi’s new supermini, the A1, is selling very well. The premium German city car gives owners all the luxuries of its bigger brother but in a much more pocket friendly size. Though purposely small, the only real issue is accessing the rear seats through the front doors. Audi are tackling this with the Sportback.

Adding a second set of doors to the rear means that taking mount in the second row is now much easier. The car is only 6mm wider and taller than the three door variant meaning it should have all the great traits found in the smaller car. Going on sale early 2012, the A1 Sportback will launch with four engines of which three are petrol including a range topping 1.6 turbo.The only diesel is a 1.6 litre four cylinder with 103BHP.

Prices start at £13,980.