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Audi Taunts Porsche before Le Mans


Audi VS PorscheThe whole Porsche/VW saga was an interesting one, but the end result is that the former now belongs to the latter. With other members of the Volkswagen group taking part in motorsport and Porsche who have always done so, the question of the authenticity of rivalries comes to mind. Porsche have joined the World Endurance Championship this year with a top-flight LMP1 car. The problem being that Audi dominate the LMP1 class and are also owned by VW. Does the same company battling itself make sense? The Volkswagen group think so and they have promised a fair fight between the two. Audi Taunts Porsche before Le Mans.

Audi has produce a video taunting Porsche before their historic return to the Le Mans 24 hour race.  Taking the new 2014 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro onto public roads, the racing car causes quite a scene. Past schools, and members of the public, the growling endurance racer is on a mission, but what? After passing a classic Porsche tractor, a clear jibe, the R18 ends up outside of a Porsche building. Doughnuts proceed with the skid marks spelling out “welcome back.”

It is good to see genuine humour between the two, but we can’t wait to see Porsche try to take their revenge on the track.